Hey! I'm Richard...

... a solar-powered, tea-fueled extrovert and Computer Science Senior at New York University. Originally from Diamond Bar, California, I jumped into college at the tender age of 14 through Cal State LA's Early Entrance Program and transferred to NYU to pursue bigger dreams. I spent my senior fall abroad in Shanghai studying calligraphy and dance to expand my cultural palate and explore the riveting facets of Chinese culture. Today I'm back in the bustling streets of New York to wrap up my last semester at NYU and savor the fine-dining experiences generously sprinkled around the city.

Last summer, I wrote code at JPMorgan under the investment banking division. Previously, I worked at Ya Ya Creations, an e-commerce company for wedding and party supplies, and Sabai Software, a healthcare and technology startup that helps doctors track the health of their patients.

I have a diverse repertoire of passions that include playing chess, writing on Quora, and making YouTube videos. I also love outdoor activities like hiking or photography and appreciating nature.

If you ever want to reach me, my inbox is always open at richardjshu@gmail (dot) com. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch!